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All visitors to Indonesia must be in possession of passport valid for at least 6   (six) month with proof onwards passage, either return or through ticket.

For view the nationality. A visa is not necessary for entry and a stay of up to 30 (thirty) days.This includes the following:
• Algeria
• Argentina
• Australia
• Austria
• Bahrain
• Belgium
• Brazil
• Bulgaria
• Cambodia
• Canada
• Cyprus
• Czech Republic
• Denmark
• Egypt
• Estonia
• Fiji
• Finland
• France
• Germany
• Greece
• Hungary
• Iceland
• India
• Iran
• Ireland
• Italy
• Japan
• Kuwait
• Laos
• Latvia
• Libya
• Liechensteia
• Lithuania
• Luxembourg
• Maldives
• Malta
• Mexico
• Monaco
• New Zealand
• Norway
• Oman
• Panama
• People's Republic of China
• Poland
• Portugal
• Qatar
• Romania
• Russia
• Saudi Arabia
• Slovakia
• Slovenia
• South Africa
• South Korea
• Spain
• Suriname
• Switzerland
• Sweden
• Taiwan
• The Netherlands
• Tunisia
• United Arab Emirates
• United Kingdom
• United States of America

If they are from one of these countries, a 30-days tourist pass (which is stamp in your passport) is issued on arrival, as long as they enter and exit through recognized entry port. Officially this cannot be extended beyond 30 days. If they are really intent on exploring Indonesia in some dept, then 30 days in inadequate and they will have to exit the country and re-enter.

Visa for social or study purposes can be arranged if they have a sponsor, such as an educational institution, in Indonesia. These are normally one-month visa that are extended every months or more. Business visa allows a stay of up to 30 days and can be extended to 3 months. Works visa are an almighty hassle to get and should be arranged by their employer.

Visa Extensions – Tourist pass (visa on arrival) are not extendable beyond 30 days. They may get a few extra days in special circumstances, like missed flight connection, or illness, but do not count on it. If they overstay and immigration take a disliking to them, the immigration office could stamp their passport so they ca not re-enter Indonesia. If they arrived in Indonesia on a one-month tourist visa, it is usually extendable only for two week.

Recognized Entry / Exit Points


Kuala Namu Airport - Medan

Belawan Seaport - Medan

Tanjung Pinang Seaport - Bintan

Hang Nadin Airport - Batam

Sekupang Seaport - Batam

Batu Ampar Seaport - Batam

Simpang Tiga Airport - Pekanbaru


Soekarno-Hatta Airport - Jakarta

Tanjung Periok Seaport - Jakarta

Husein Sastranegara Apt - Bandung

Ahmad Yani Airport - Semarang

Tanjung Mas Seaport - Semarang

Adi Sucipto Airport - Yogyakarta

Juanda Airport - Surabaya

Tanjung Perak Seaport - Surabaya


Ngurah Rai Airport - Denpasar

Benoa Seaport - Denpasar

Padang Bai Seaport - Padanga Bai


El Tari Airport - Kupang


Soepadio Airport - Pontianak

Sepinggan Airport - Balikpapan


Sam Ratulangi Airport - Manado

Hasanuddin Airport - Makassar


Pattimura Airport - Ambon

Yos Sudarso Seaport - Ambon


Sentani Airport - Jayapura


Customs allow them to bring in a maximum of 2 litters of alcoholic beverage, 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 100 grams of tobacco, and a reasonable amount of perfumes per adults.

Bring the narcotic, arms and ammunition, pornography. They are permitted to bring in one radio, or cassette recorder, or handy video camera, or an ordinary camera as long as they take it out on departure.

Money - Currency

The Indonesian monetary unit is called the Rupiah, issued in notes of Rp. 1000, Rp. 2000, Rp. 5000 Rp. 10.000, Rp. 20.000 Rp. 50.000, and Rp. 100.000 denominations. And coin of 100, 200, 500 and 1000.

US Dollars are the most widely accepted foreign currency. If they intend travelling extensively around Indonesia then bring US dollars – either in cash or traveller’s cheque from a mayor company such as American Express, Citicorp, or Bank of America.

If they have credit card, it is of limited use for day-a-day travel expenses in Indonesia as only star rated hotel or restaurants and shops accept them. Amex Card, Visa or Master Cards are among the most accepted cards in the major centres on Java and Bali, and in the big regional cities like Medan, Makassar, Padang, Pekanbaru.


Electricity is almost always 220V, 50 cycles.

Sockets are designed to accommodate two round prongs of the European variety.

Weights & Measures

Indonesia has fully adopted the International metric system.

When To Go

The dry season from May to October is the best time to visit much of Indonesia, but there are also distinct tourist season when prices rise, and accommodation and transport, particularly air travel, can be fully booked in some places.

Even during the peak tourist months one can always find a place away from the crowd and travel in the wet season is not usually a major problem.

Business Hours

Government offices are variable but are generally open Monday to Thursday from 07.00 am to 14.00 pm, Friday until 13.00.

Private business offices have staggered hours: Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 16.00 or 09.00 am to 17.00 pm, with lunch break in the middle of the day.

To cash the money, bank usually open Monday to Friday, from 09.00 am to 15.00 pm and are usually closed on Saturday.

Shops tend to open around 09.00. Sunday is a public holiday but most the shops open for at least part of the day. Shopping complexes, supermarkets and department store stay open from 10.00 am to 21.00 every day and often on Sunday.

Film & Photography

Indonesia is an incredibly photogenic country and can easily whip through large quantities of film. Colour print film is preferred to anything else, so slide film and black & white films are as readily available.  Nevertheless, in Jakarta, Bali and major cities one can usually find most types of film, even Polaroid film, movie film and video-tape.

Developing and printing is good and much cheaper than in the west. Camera batteries and other accessories are readily available from photographic shops in major cities.

Be careful of what you photograph in Indonesia they're touchy about places of military importance and this include airport, bridges, seaport and any military installations or bases. Ask if in doubt.


Visitors will generally eat well in most parts of Indonesia. There are some gastronomic voids in the more poverty-stricken areas, but the variety is stunning in cities like Jakarta and tourism region like Bali and Yogyakarta.

Kuta beach in Bali and Jakarta are two main places in Indonesia where Western food has the most cosmopolitan range culinary delights, from European, Mexican to Indian, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese as well as Indonesian food. Western fast food has come to roost in the main cities.

Indonesian have enthusiastically embrace the Western soft drink culture, including beers. Coca-Cola and "Bir Bintang" are the most popular drinks.


Superior Accommodations

Since accommodations comprise an important aspect of your trip, we’ve gone to great lengths to select properties that meet our standards of high quality, convenient location, and excellent service. The accommodation for special interest, ie. to visit nature reserve and wildlife reserve will inform in advance the facility and will provide the best available in the area. Live aboard and sleep on boat to be one of our suggestion. The superb hotels in major cities to unique or historic lodgings too small for conventional tour groups of 40 or more, these accommodations promise to enhance your enjoyment and comfort throughout your trip. To learn more about our accommodations, click here. :


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